Hello! I am Anthony D. Paul.

I like to build websites, grill with charcoal, and globe-trot without agenda.

I have a job right now, so I haven’t been keeping my old portfolio site up-to-date.
I am online, however. You can find me here, here, here, here, here and here:

[TOP] My social networks

[TOP] My chat clients (I ♥ Adium)

[TOP] My employer’s website

[TOP] My own websites

[TOP] Websites I’ve helped build (and may or may not still upkeep)

[TOP] And of course, my email addresses

All of these point to the same Gmail account. If you have any email addresses other than these
(except my work email) I either no longer check them (anthonyoe, oedesign, or any derivation)
or never did check them (Hotmail/Live, Yahoo, AOL, etc.).


Me: “I assure you there is nothing to see down here.”

You: “Then, hoist me back to the top!”